Balai: On April 28th, 1968, Srila Prabhupada was in New York when he installed the first Radha-Krishna Deities, Lord Jagannatha, Srimati Subhadra and Lord Baladev. He also initiated and married some devotees. There was a tape that is no longer in existence, so I'm going to read some of the transcription that I had at the time. Srila Prabhupada was marrying me to Advaita and he told my mother what to say: "My girl was so long under my guidance,………. now I entrust this girl under your guidance." And Advaita said, "I accept this girl for life." And Balai said, "I accept you as my husband to serve you throughout my whole life."

Then Srila Prabhupada said, "You are promising before Radha and Krishna so you must take this responsibility. I speak to the husbands especially. According to Vedic principles a woman is always to be given protection. They have no freedom. Women are like children. If you give freedom to a child it means death to them. They are tender, feeble and weak. People will exploit them. So long as the girl is young she is under the protection of her parents. In India girls don't mix with boys. Then she is handed over to a suitable boy to take charge of her. In old age the husband leaves home and takes sannyas.

There is no question of divorce or separation. If there is any misunderstanding between husband and wife it should be neglected. Not taken seriously. Just like if there is fighting between two goats, it should not be taken seriously, they cannot hurt each other. If there is thunder sound in the sky in the morning it should not be taken seriously, there is no rain. Nobody should go to court. This is a misuse of understanding. No question of divorce. It is life-long. You're promising before the Supreme Lord Krishna. If you break this promise there will be serious reaction. I am very happy.

As a sannyasi I am not to perform marriage ceremonies but for the benefit of my disciples I am doing it. Please remember your responsibility and be happy and chant Hare Krishna. There is no need of abstinence but don't beget children like cats and dogs. A person in Krishna consciousness must be serious about his position. If you can produce children in Krishna consciousness then you may have hundreds of children, otherwise no children."

So this is a wonderful time when Srila Prabhupada married us in person and initiated us and gave so many wonderful instructions that hopefully we can follow.