Jananivas: Prabhupada was presenting the absolute truth. In those days we were seeking as to what is the “promised land”? Prabhupada came and told us what is the “promised land”. Here is Krishna the Supreme. The “promised land” is Goloka, and we are all going back home back to Godhead. I completely accepted it. This is what we were searching for and Prabhupada and no one else was giving that knowledge. And Prabhupada gave us seva, which was his main thing. He came to give seva that no one else was giving because people don't like to hear that “I am the servant.” [laughs] They would lose all their followers if they tell everyone, “You are servants.” But Prabhupada was the only one so I immediately accepted.

When I was reading Prabhupada's books it kept jumping out all the time, “Devotional service, devotional service. You are the eternal servant of Krishna. Krishna is the Supreme Lord and you're his servant.” I thought I would try it for two years. “I'll just absorb myself in service and then after two years I'll reconsider and see whether I want to stay or not.” But everything felt so good and right. Krishna fulfilled my desire and he sent me to Mayapur [laughs] where I had to be fully absorbed twenty-four hours a day. I had no option, as there were no other pujaris. I was just completely absorbed and then two years went by, then twenty, then forty. [laughs] I thought, “Gee, I was supposed to have a reassessment after two years.” [laughs] I forgot all about that. But that is how timeless is the process of devotional service.

Compiled by Mahavishnu Dasa