Srutakirti das: I guess it was several months later, there was an article in BTG on this installation and they brought the magazine to Prabhupada – he was in Vrindavan at the time – which they would always do. Whenever there was a publication, wherever Prabhupada was, of course, they would rush and bring it and show him the last Bhagavatam that was produced or the BTG.

So he was at his sitting desk right here at Krishna-Balarama and they brought in the BTG, and Prabhupada started paging through it and it had the pictures of the Deities on the altar. Prabhupada looked at the one picture, and in the picture it was Krishna and Prabhupada. You could see the shot that was taken was Prabhupada and Krishna, and Prabhupada smiled. “Just see,” he said, “I am looking at Krishna and Krishna is looking at me.”