Kapra: The Rs 5 meal meal scheme, a unique initiative of GHMC offering subsidised food to all, is winning accolades from all quarters. The corporation has been making sure that the food served through around 50 Annapurna Food Stalls is hygienic and tasty ever since the scheme was launched in 2014.

The GHMC has partnered with Akshaya Patra Foundation, run by Hare Krishna Movement, to prepare food and serve to around 400 people at each Annapurna stall between 12 noon and 1 pm. The vegetarian meal includes rice, sambar, curry, pickle, a disposable plate and a 250 ml water pouch.

There are about 100 Annapurna centres serving hot and hygienic food to over 40,000 poor people per day. There is a total of eight kiosks in Kapra Circle that are providing food (around 400 persons per kiosk) to about 2,400 people.

Ravi, a private employee, said that the scheme is very useful to poor people like him. “People would like to eat here as it is offering quality food at just five rupees,” he praised.A daily wager in Kushaiguda lauded the government for the scheme. He said that the price of the food is affordable to all sections of people and quality is nothing short of home food.

People are, however, facing problems with dust and pollution released by the vehicles as most of the meal centers are set up beside the road. They also complained about unavailability of chairs. They urged the officials to set up sheds and supply enough drinking water to the people.

GHMC official Dr Maithri said that the government is offering a hot and hygienic meal at Rs 5 through Annapurna stalls in the city. “We also set up a dust bin to throw the used plate and wastage. We are taking all necessary measures to keep the area clean and hygienic,” the official added.

Source: The Hans India         Dated: Jan 22, 2019