JAIPUR, June 1, 2018: On the occasion of World Milk Day, Hingonia Gaushala celebrated the day in a grand manner under the name Akshaya Amrit.

The programme started with the distribution of milk and buttermilk to children at slums, schools, hospitals, etc.

The main objective of Sri Krishna Balram Seva Trust is to make people aware about the freshness and purity of milk and other products of Hingonia Gaushala. The Gaushala has also launched an Android application named Krishna Balram Goshala, which one can install and get details about the Gaushala.

His Grace Ratnangada Govinda Dasa, President of Hingonia Gaushala said that the increase in the number of cows from 7,000 to 22,000 has led to mass production of milk and therefore this would now be launched as a product for mass selling locally. For this purpose, a BMC (Bulk Milk Cooler) has been installed in the Gaushala. He said that, “We are always ready for the development of these 22,000 cows at the Gaushala with the prime object of keeping them happy and healthy.”