Justice Arali Nagaraj29th Sept 2011, Bangalore: Justice Arali Nagaraj, one of the members of the divisional bench of the high court, which heard the legal dispute between ISKCON Bangalore and ISKCON Mumbai has resigned here in Bangalore a few days back. It may be recalled here that ISKCON Bangalore has applied for an injunction restraining ISKCON Mumbai from interfering with its affairs. The Honorable High court had in 2002 given an interim order in favour of ISKCON Bangalore. The Supreme Court also had ratified the interim order of the High Court and had ordered the trial court to give its final verdict on the case. The trail court had heard the case and given its verdict in favour of ISKCON Bangalore on 17th April 2009. (Copy of the operative part1 and part2 of the order). ISKCON Mumbai had gone on appeal to the High Court which was initially heard by a divisional bench headed by Hon Justice KL Manjunath, but later shifted to a divisional bench of Hon Justice Nagamohan Das and Hon Justice Arali Nagaraj.   The divisional bench heard the case and gave its verdict in favour of ISKCON Mumbai on 23rd May 2011. Sri Nagaraj resigned a few weeks back.

ISKCON Bangalore has gone on appeal to the Honorable Supreme Court of India which has given an interim status quo order and is slated to hear the matter.

Local media has covered the resignation of the sitting High Court Judge. Please see the links.

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