Baradraj: Prabhupada was talking about how hard it is to judge a man's qualifications. It is almost a gift to be able to judge another man's qualities. It isn't just a matter of comparing one man to another or of going by some socio-economic standard. Prabhupada said, "My grandmother was expert at this. She was a simple woman, not educated, but everyone respected her talent." He said that a number of boys applied for the honor of his sister's hand, but it had to go through his grandmother. She decided who was worthy and who was not worthy. So, a well educated, wealthy young man from a good family was there, and she was drilling him. He was in his early twenties and a gem of a person.

The grandmother said, "Can you ride a bicycle?" He said, "No." She didn't say anything. Afterward they came and asked, "Well, what do you think?" She said, “he is worthless." Everyone was in shock.

She said, "He has no drive. Any young boy has an opportunity to learn to ride a bicycle. He will get one even if it's his friend's. Anyone who has any kind of drive will learn. He has no drive. He is worthless."