Srila Prabhupada in telephone conversation

One of the amazing feats of Srila Prabhupada is that he ran a Worldwide International Society practically without the use of a telephone…

Srila Prabhupada: "So we are advancing in science, but at the same time, the so-called science, at the same time we are creating many disadvantages. Many disadvantages. From practical experience I say that when I came to your country… In India it is very difficult to get a telephone. You have to wait in the waiting list at least for two years or you have to bribe the authorities, say, five thousand, two thousand, like that.

So when I got this facility of telephone… Because as soon as I deposited forty dollars… Forty dollars? The next day the telephone was in my room. So I was very glad. But after getting my telephone, I was disturbed always. (laughter) Some of my students asking, phoning me, (telephone sound) cling, cling, and "Swamiji, how you are feeling?" At twelve o'clock at night. (laughter). Yes. So I asked him, it is the time to inquire? I am very sorry. Not only one, I become so much disturbed. Then I asked them, get out this telephone. Yes."

Some conclusions:

Bhaktivinode Thakur told us that the more we become implicated with machines the more we are implicated with kali yuga. Yet practically everybody thinks these things are wonderful and that this technology will "save the day". 

A friend of mine recently told me that he has worked in an I.T. dept. on the east coast of US and was having skin rash problems on his right leg. He went to a dermatologist, and she gave him some creams, but that didn't work. Finally some ayurvedic doctor asked him is he worked with computers and he said yes. The good doctor told him the entire right side of his body was weak. This devotee told his boss, and they moved him out of that computer room into another one and three weeks later the rash disappeared. This is called RF radiation sickness and this stuff is bombarding us all 24/7. Yet some think, "Oh, it wont bother me…or it's not that bad…" Good luck with that thinking…