Tejiyas: Srila Prabhupada was asked, “Have you ever seen Krishna?” He said, “I always see Krishna in front of me.” Once, in public pandal, a boy challenged, “Do you see God?”Prabhupada hesitated a second and then said, “Yes.” Prabhupada understood his position. It’s hard for us to estimate Prabhupada’s vision, how, although he’s the master of teaching Krishna consciousness, he sees that everything is not done because of him. Prabhupada knows precisely what he’s doing. But he’s very humble because he knows that somehow or other he has the mercy of his spiritual master. Prabhupada’s acknowledgement of his powers was in his statement, “My spiritual master liked me. I listened to his words very carefully.” Prabhupada took those words very seriously and that’s his acknowledgement of how somehow or other — miraculously — he is given this credit.

Charu: Two young interviewers asked Prabhupada, “Have you seen God?” Prabhupada said, “What do you think? Before you buy gold, you should first educate yourself so you can recognize gold. So to know whether my answer is right or wrong, you need to know who God is and the qualifications of seeing Him. Do you know who God is and who is qualified to see Him?” They said, “no”. “Since you don’t know, for better or worse you have to accept whatever I say. Will you do that?” “Yes.” “Then I have seen God.” That was powerful.