A Public Relations Symposium was held for the devotees of Hare Krishna Movement on 9th April, 2017 at ISKCON Bangalore on Hare Krishna Hill at the Sri Radha Krishnachandra Temple premises.

This symposium was conducted to give the devotees a broad perspective on importance of Public relations and how it should be used for furthering the mission of Hare Krishna Movement.

This was an initiative to internalize their service to Lord Krishna and enrich their communication and social skills to enhance their spreading the message of Krishna Consciousness to the people.  Many devotees from various Hare Krishna centres attended the one day workshop.

H.G. Madhu Pandit Dasa, Temple President, ISKCON Bangalore gave the keynote address at the symposium. He stressed the importance of being spiritually self aware when dealing with the very important people of the society.

He stressed that we should never forget the fact that we are representing to the people Lord Krishna and His pure representative Srila Prabhupada, so we have to be more responsible in balancing the spiritual aspect and in giving the pure spiritual impression of Krishna Consciousness. He stressed that we should ensure that we are pure and

Symposium also had sessions by  H.G. Bharatarshabha Dasa, Director – Strategic Relationships and H.G. Naveen Neerada Dasa, Head – Communications who gave specific examples of how Public Relations was used effectively in ISKCON Bangalore and how they have been exploring newer and newer methods in this service.

Sri Ajay Kavishwar explained to devotees  that communication should be to inform, inspire and to make people act. He gave specific examples as to how some of the programmes of Hare Krishna movement can be modified to incorporate the three aspects of communication.

Some media professionals also spoke to the devotees on how various print media and e-media work on a day to day basis and how they swift through happenings and make headlines out of day to day events. They further gave them ideas on how to actually be in touch with media houses and ensure that they get the right perspective on spiritual aspects of our teachings.