dog taking care of the puppy

To the gross materialist who cannot see anything beyond the gross material body, there is nothing beyond the senses. Therefore his occupational activities are limited to concentrated and extended selfishness. Concentrated selfishness centers around the personal body — this is generally seen amongst the lower animals. Extended selfishness is manifested in human society and centers around the family, society, community, nation and world with a view to gross bodily comfort. 

But above the body and mind is the dormant spirit soul whose absence from the body makes the whole range of bodily and mental selfishness completely null and void. But less intelligent people have no information of the needs of the spirit soul. Without knowing the need of the dormant soul, one cannot be happy simply with emolument of the body and mind which are superfluous outer coverings of the spirit soul.

The spirit soul's needs must be fulfilled. The hankering soul must be satisfied by Krishna Consciousness, the perfect scientific process of perfect devotional service to Lord Krishna.

                                                                     ———-Srimad Bhagavatam, Canto 1, Chapter 2, Purport of Text 8