Dhirasanta: Srila Prabhupada made some heavy statements about the British. He said that the whole British Empire was built on thievery. He explained that the British came to India, stole things, took Indian soldiers and then conquered other places in the world. Prabhupada said that as soon as India became independent, then the whole British Empire started to collapse. He said, "Because of all the atrocities the British did in India, they will become beggars." And then he said, "Have you seen the camels in India? How they hold their heads high with their noses in the air? The British Rajas took their next births as camels in India." That was amusing but also quite a heavy statement.

Sukhada: In one lecture Prabhupada talked about prasadam, and afterwards one of the devotees asked, "Prabhupada, is it true that if you take prasadam even once you're guaranteed a human birth?" Prabhupada said, "Yes," and all the devotees said, "Hooray!" We were thinking, "Wow, we've got it made. We've got a human birth coming, and that's all we have to think about." But Prabhupada became grave and didn't say anything for a few seconds. Then he said, "But there are some species of monkeys that are considered human." We all had to think about that for a while and get serious.