Jaipur, July 16, 2014, DHNS:

Bill Clinton visits Jaipur Akshaya Patra

Former US President Bill Clinton during a visit to 'Akshaya Patra' kitchen in Jaipur

Former United States president Bill Clinton, on Wednesday visited the largest kitchen in north India run by Akshaya Patra Foundation and witnessed the lunch programme that feeds 1.25 lakh schoolchildren daily.

Clinton was accompanied by a delegation of 25 members when he visited the Akshaya Patra kitchen in Jaipur. He was given a warm and traditional welcome by students and trustees of the foundation.

During his one-hour stay at the kitchen, Clinton was shown a live demonstration on how the NGO prepare two lakh chapatis, six ton of dal and steams five ton of rice in a duration of just three hours.

Clinton was highly amazed to see the functioning of a chapati making machine with a capacity to make 40,000 chapatis in an hour and the use of technology to cook huge quantity of food.

Later, he along with his delegation, left for a nearby government school located in Pratap Nagar locality. On reaching the school, Clinton joined the team of helpers who were serving food to the kids.

He served chapatis to the kids and asked them about the quality of the food. Cultural programme were organised by the students in his honour. During the programme students presented Clinton colourful clothes for the baby expected by his daughter Chelsea Clinton.

In his address to students and mediapersons, Clinton said that he was happy to see how more than a million children in Jaipur¬ are getting hygienic food, which is no less than home cooked food.

“I want to thank all of the students and teachers for the warm welcome. Cooking and distribution of food is a commendable effort and a remarkable partnership between the government, private sector business community and non government organisation,” Clinton said.  

Clinton also thanked USA based company Caterpillar Foundation which has extended help of $2 million to feed another 100,000 children.

Source: deccanherald