Bhatrod Bihari Temple

Braj Yatra – an exploration of less heralded pilgrimage spots in Braj

By: Hare Krishna Movement – Vrindavan

Situated in Ashoka Vana is the Sri Bhatrod Bihari temple. Nestling atop a small hillock amidst greenery, about a kilometer from the Yamuna, is this temple, located in serene surroundings, quite away from the hustle and bustle of the town.

A board greets us at the bottom of the flight of steps leading upto the temple, telling the pastime that Lord Krishna performed here. It was here that 5000 years ago, Lord Krishna ate the food brought by the wives of the Yajnika brahmanas.

“Bhaath” means a rice preparation. Since Lord Krishna ate the rice preparation offered to Him by the wives of the brahmanas, He is know here as “Bhatrod Bihari”.

As one climbs atop the hillock, one can have a darshan of the Yamuna in the distance.

To reach here, one goes on the road from Vrindavan to Mathura till one reaches the Government hospital on one’s left. One takes the road which turns to the left here and proceeds for a few hundred meters. On the way, one can see the Bhatrod Bihari temple atop the hillock in the distance.

After a little while, there is a concrete road which turns to the right. One takes this road and proceeds for a couple of hundred meters when one encounters a small mud road on one’s right, steeply rising up. When one walks a little on this mud path, one finds a flight of steps leading up, with the board describing the pastime of Bhatrod Bihari greeting one. Atop the flight of steps to the right is the Sri Bhatrod Bihari temple.