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Srimad-Bhagavatam classes - Volume #10 (part 16)


Compiled by Damaghosa dasa (Seattle, USA)

Lecture - Vrindavana, December 3, 1975

Vishnu is original Lord, or our father. We have expanded. Mamaivamso jiva-bhutah. Every living entity is part and parcel of Vishnu, and they are separated. Not separated but given freedom to serve Vishnu. To serve does not mean no freedom. It is not dull stone. Every living being... Just like you are trying to serve the cause of Krishna conscious. It does not mean that you have no freedom, you are like stone. No. You have got freedom but you are utilizing the freedom how to render best service to Krishna. That freedom is required. You must have freedom. Otherwise it is a dull stone. We have constructed this temple with freedom that "The temple should be constructed in this pattern, in this fashion. It should be decorated like this." So it is freedom, but that freedom is not misused. It is used for the service: "How best service we can render?" This is the proper use of freedom. And when you misuse the freedom, then it is maya. That is called maya. Therefore our freedom should be how to become fully engaged in loving service of the Lord. Visnoh padopasarpanam. Yatha hi purusasya ihavisnoh padopasar... Why? It is still further explained, yad esa sarva-bhutanam priya. Vishnu is very dear to us.

Same example: Father and the son. The son is dear to father, and the father is dear to the son, at least so long the child is not grown up to rebel against the father and mother. Just like the small child lying down on the lap of the mother. It does not know anything except mother. So as soon as mother is not there it begins to cry because very, very dear. Mother is very dear. Similarly, the child is also very dear to the mother. This is natural relationship. So we being part and parcel... What is this child? A part and parcel of the mother. From very small body the child has grown. That means the mother has given the body of the child. Therefore it is part and parcel. What is child? From the mother's body it has developed, and then it comes out and develops again, go on. So yad esa sarva-bhutanam priya. Therefore child is... Because part and parcel, therefore the child is very dear to the mother and the mother is very dear to the child, priya. Priya means very, very dear.

So similarly, our relationship with Vishnu is very, very intimate, very, very dear. It is not ordinary relationship. That is being explained. You cannot give up your very dear friend, very dear father and mother or servant. There are so many relationships: santa, dasya, sakhya, vatsalya, madhurya. In different relationship, Krishna is very dear to us and we are also very dear to Him. You have seen the Krishna's picture. He is patting the small deer because animal or man, everyone is dear to Him. And for animal or man or everyone, Krishna is very dear. This is our relationship. So this artificial way of life, forgetting our relationship with Krishna, is condemned therefore. Na te viduh svartha-gatim hi visnum durasaya ye bahir-artha-maninah... Here in this material world it is struggle for existence. Manah-sasthanindriyani prakrti-sthani karsati. Simply struggle to become happy. Why this struggle? Because they have forgotten that Vishnu is, or Krishna is very, very dear to him. He, instead of accepting Vishnu as very dear to him, he is accepting the maya as very dear to him. This is the fault. Therefore he is not happy. Therefore struggle for existence.

Therefore Prahlada Maharaja says that yad esa sarva-bhutanam. Sarva-bhutanam. Not that Krishna is very dear only to the human beings. No. Sarva-bhutanam. Because the relationship is very thick and thin, so Krishna is also very dear to every living entity. We have forgotten that. Just like the master and the servant, the crude example, the dog: The dog loves the master because he knows, "The master gives me to eat." He feels obliged. The master takes care of the dog, and the dog is very much anxious to serve the master. Similarly, eko yo bahunam vidadhati kaman. Why our relationship...? Because Krishna is supplying all the needs of life. Eko yo bahunam vidadhati. We require so many things but who is supplying? Supplying, Krishna. Krishna is supplying food to the small ant, and Krishna is supplying food to the big elephant. Unless Krishna supplies there is no food. If Krishna does not supply, if there is no production for your subsistence, then how you will live?

So eko yo bahunam vidadhati kaman. Therefore our relationship is very intimate. Not only my, but everyone, every living entity. Yad esa sarva-bhutanam priya atmesvarah. Atmesvara, atma, self. So everyone's self means himself, the spirit soul, is very, very dear. Just like if there is some danger immediately, then we shall leave this place immediately and try to save our body from the danger. Why you are trying to save your body? "No, because it is very dear to me." Why it is so dear? "Because I am living within this body." So I love my body because I am living within the body. Anywhere you take. You love your house, love your home. Why? Because you are living there. So you are loving yourself. Then why you are loving yourself? What is the source of yourself? Vishnu, Krishna. Mamaivamso jiva-bhutah.

So ultimately I love God. But there are so many impediments. I have forgotten. I am thinking sometimes to love my body, my mind, like that. But real love is because I am spirit soul, therefore I love myself. And why I love myself? Because it is part and parcel of Vishnu. Therefore ultimately you love Vishnu. But we have forgotten it. In relationship with Vishnu we have learned to love... Not love. That is our lust. Real love is with Vishnu. Because by nature there is love. Just like the child. It loves the mother. And in the absence of the mother he cries, and when the mother comes he becomes satisfied. So our real love is for Krishna but that we have forgotten. And you are offered, "Why you are crying? You take this. You take this. You take this." No. Nothing will satisfy us unless we again come back to love our original source of life.

(....To be continued)

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