An impractical solution by a brilliant scientist

Satsvarupa das Goswami: He also had a nickname name for me – Dr. Isaac Newton. He said that although Dr. Isaac Newton was brilliant, he was also impractical.

Once, Newton's friend saw that Newton was making two holes in his door. The friend said, "Why are you doing that?" Newton said, "I have one big cat and one small cat and I want to allow them to come in and out of the house."

His friend said, "Why don't you make one hole that they can both use?" Prabhupada said, "Just see, Dr. Isaac Newton was supposed to be a great scientist, but he was such a fool.

You students are like that." One morning in Hawaii we drove to the beach for a walk, got out of the car and locked it but my bead bag was still inside.

I said, "Oh, I left my beads in the car." Prabhupada walked off saying, "Dr. Isaac Newton." I didn't know whether to take it as a good name, that I was brilliant, or that I was a fool.