vipra-narayanaBeing determined to win the wager, Deva-devi tore her clothes and unbridled her hairs to make her person look wretched and went as close as possible to Vipra Narayana. Vipra Narayana was too engrossed in contemplating on the pastimes and glories of the Lord to notice Deva-devi’s antics. Eventually, Deva-devi fell at Vipra Narayana’s feet and started to cry. 

Vipra Narayana, who had become very compassionate by the virtue of practicing the yamas and niyamas (i.e. all forms of non-violence, self-control, kindness to all beings, forgiveness, reading spiritual literature and focusing his mind on the Lord, austerity, truthfulness and purity of mind) that are supposed to be practiced by a Vaishnava, asked Deva-devi to rise and, being overcome by compassion, asked the reason for her misery.

Deva-devi obediently got up and, with humility that could impress even the stone hearted, said, “My lord, I am a wretched lady who is doomed by birth. My greedy mother sends me to gratify men of ill virtue to make money. My conscience does not permit me to do such things and I desperately want to come out of the clutches of my mother. As I do not have anyone to help, I am seeking your shelter, please don’t drive me away. I will help you in your day-to-day activities and take care of the garden when you are away and, thereby, I will atone for my sins by thus serving the Lord and His devotees. I do not crave for riches or a comfortable life. I will satisfy my hunger with the frugal meals that you can offer me.”

Vipra Narayana could not refuse to help a lady who had fallen at his feet and, therefore, he asked Deva-devi to stay with him in the garden. Like a very sincere devotee, Deva-devi did all the gardening work and took very good care of the garden for nearly six months to gain Vipra Narayana’s confidence.

As the rainy season had approached, it started to rain very heavily one evening and Deva-devi, who was sleeping outside, was completely drenched. She started to shiver vigorously to attract Vipra Narayana’s attention and compassion. Seeing her in a pathetic condition, Vipra Narayana asked Deva-devi to come into the hut and gave her some of his own clothes and asked her to dry herself to make her comfortable.

vipra-narayan-with-deva-deviDeva-devi, who had not entered Vipra Narayana’s hut till then, entered the hut, dried herself and scantily dressed herself with Vipra Narayana’s clothes to further her cause. Even as Vipra Narayana was going to bed, Deva-devi requested him to allow her to press his feet. As pressing the feet of the great devotees is considered to be one of the most desired services, unsuspecting Vipra Narayana agreed to her request.

Deva-devi, who was an expert in the art of seduction and love making, slowly induced Vipra Narayana to submit to her advances like Menaka seduced sage Vishwamitra in the days of yore. Young Vipra Narayana could not resist his senses for long and he spent the night with Deva-devi.

Deva-devi, who knew the resoluteness of Vipra Narayana, summoned her maids and asked them to bring her jewels and other costumes to ensure that Vipra Narayana does not revert to his austere ways of living and started to induce him to spend time with her every day and gradually started to control him. Being blinded with infatuation for Deva-devi, Vipra Narayana started to avoid his Sandhya and other rituals.

One fine day he abandoned his floral service to the Lord and went with Deva-devi to live with her. Deva-devi allowed Vipra Narayana to live with her till his wealth got exhausted and threw him out of her house immediately after that.

Let us know more about Vipra Narayana in the next post.

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