Sri Ramanujacharya

Kuresha and his wife had to pass through a thick forest on their way to Sri-Rangam. Kuresha’s wife, Andal, who was traveling in such a forest for the first time in her life without escorts, asked her husband if there were any robbers in the forest out of fear of getting robbed. Kuresha looked at her and said, “Are you carrying any valuable thing with you to attract the robbers?” Andal replied, “My lord, you were leading such an opulent life and were eating in a golden bowl. When you started distributing everything I hid this golden bowl thinking it would help us in times of need and help me serve you food and water.”

Kuresha took the bowl from his wife’s hand and threw it into the forest and said, “There goes your fear. The Lord always takes care of His devotees and has blessed us with hands that can be used for eating and drinking. So focus your mind on the Lord by shedding all your fears and anxieties about future.”

Kuresha and his wife reached Sri-Rangam. Ramanuja got to know about their arrival and brought them to the Math. Ramanuja initiated Kuresha and his wife and arranged for a separate quarters for their stay in Sri-Rangam. Kuresha started to live by begging. Kuresha was blessed with a very sharp memory and could memorize anything with just one reading. He started to spend his time chanting the holy names of the Lord, studying and discussing scriptures under Ramanuja and serving Lord Ranganatha in every possible way. Thus, Kuresha started to spend his life happily in the service of the Lord and his wife started to spend her time in the service of her husband after becoming the disciples of Ramanuja.

At Kanchipuram, Yadava Prakasha was falling sick again and again. The guilt of having made attempts on Ramanuja’s life and ill treating Ramanuja started to haunt him. He became emaciated. Yadava Prakasha’s mother knew about everything that had transpired between him and Ramanuja. Being captivated by Ramanuja’s devotion, learning, calmness and physical beauty when she had first seen Ramanuja, in Lord Varadaraja’s temple, Yadava Prakasha’s mother had prayed to the Lord requesting Him to make her son a disciple of a noble soul like Ramanuja. Yadava Prakasha’s mother recollected her desire and asked Yadava Prakasha to seek Ramanuja’s forgiveness and become his disciple. Yadava Prakasha could not easily accept his mother’s advice and he started pondering over it. On his way to the temple, Yadava Prakasha met Kanchipurna and said, “Sir, people tell that you directly speak to the Lord and intervene on behalf of those who are in trouble. My mind has become restless and I am unable to find a specific reason for that. Moreover, some doubts have been bothering me from sometime. Could you please ask the Lord to tell me what is good for me?”

Kanchipurna asked him to wait for a day to get answers to his questions. The next day Kanchipurna told Yadava Prakasha that the Lord had asked him to accept Ramanuja as his guru. Everyone in Kanchipuram trusted Kanchipurna as everything that he had told at the behest of the Lord had come true and, therefore, Yadava Prakasha did not have any reason to ignore his advice. After thinking for a while, Yadava Prakasha decided to go to Ramanuja and discuss scriptures to overcome the doubts that were lingering in his mind before accepting Ramanuja as his guru.

We will reveal how Yadava Prakasha, who was once Ramanuja’s preceptor, accepted Ramanuja as his guru in the next post. 

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