Even though most scientists are busy trying to become the controllers of everything, denying the existence of the ultimate controller, their creations are going out of their control every now and then. Two major incidents that happened recently make this more evident.

tiangong-heavenly palace

First, on March 29, 2018 GSAT-6A, built to last 12 years, India’s newest communication satellite went incommunicado in space after a few hours of its launch. Second, on April 2, 2018 China’s first space station ― Heavenly Palace (Tiangong-1) disintegrated under intense heat as it hurtled through the earth’s atmosphere. It had slipped off the control of top scientists of China in March 2016. In fact, over the past 60 years of space flight, more than 6000 satellites and rockets have gone out of control of their tiny creators.

the whole world in his hands

Such incidents make us rethink about late Physicist Stephen Hawking’s denial of existence of the ultimate controller – God and his support to the idea that the universe has come into being from Big Bang, which occurred by chance. It takes very sophisticated intelligence of hundreds of scientists to create and control only one small artificial space body. So how logical it would be to say that no intelligence was exercised to create such a gigantic space system, as this universe? And how justified it would be to say that the laws which are directing this system are not under the control of anyone and are mere products of chance?

This universe is functioning under the control of an unfailing Super-scientist ― Krishna

This universe is functioning under the control of an unfailing Super-scientist ― Krishna as evidenced in scriptures, and not by chance as posed by tiny scientists. By chance only accidents can happen, as the world witnessed in the above mentioned two incidents.

PS: It’s no surprise that Stephen Hawking did not believe in God. Einstein, for all his brilliance, couldn’t tie his own shoes.