14th January marks the day proclaiming a semantic of the northward movement of the Earth on the celestial sphere. Sankranti is a festival famous for its kite flying carnivals. Colorful kites of varied shapes & sizes fill the entire sky multiplying its exquisite beauty. Trees laced with radiant leftovers remind one of the innumerable kite battles – enduring the mighty winds marking the end of winter solstice.

However, for the devotees of the Lord aspiring to take off from this material universe, a flying kite not only remains a frolic excursion but also imparts some precious instructions.

A kite starts flying very quickly & goes high very swiftly if it is flown by an expert flyer. In the same way, as soon as we get in touch with a bona fide spiritual master & start following his instructions, we advance very quickly in spiritual life.

On its voyage, a kite may get a lot of jerks by undesirable threads trying to check its journey, but the expert flyer skillfully cuts off all such disruptions. Similarly, in Krishna Consciousness, we may get a lot of jolts practicing the regulative principles & the ropes of the three modes of material nature may try to bind us very strongly, but as long as our connection with the spiritual master is strong, he will cut all our hrdaya granthi immediately & will free us to reach new heights of loving devotional service every day.

Even though the flyer is very skillful, if the connecting thread is not durable, the kite’s link will break anytime and it’ll immediately enter an uncontrollable spin by strong waves of the wind and will finally get entangled in some tree or pole. Likewise, if we take such simple instructions of our spiritual master just for granted thinking that ‘I can fly on my own without his guidance’, we’ll just spin in the strong winds of maya and will very soon get tethered again in the material whirlpool.

All that we have to do is to just handover the thread of our kite in the divine control of our expert spiritual master Srila Prabhupada without making any independent adjustments. Then, he will fly our transcendental kite to newer & newer heights of spiritual revelations with the favorable winds of Vedic injunctions such that the kite will gradually rise to the point where it will penetrate the walls of this material universe and from that stratum, it will enter the Spiritual World to quickly attain shelter at the lotus feet of Lord Sri Krishna.