The Year 2018 has begun!

New Year’s Eve is always a delirious night where people just dance, eat, drink alcoholic beverages and watch or light fireworks to mark the occasion. Parties and trips run in everyone’s mind. Some like to begin the year at their favorite destination, while others try to enjoy food, music and drinks in the company of their family and friends. Movie stars, dancers, music directors, singers and comedians all get geared up to entertain the public at various venues, and the city residents especially the youth rush to such events.

Traditionally, people consider a New Year’s Day to be styled as an ideal day to kick-start a new phase of life and a time when they must make their all-important New Year resolutions. Regardless of what resolution they commit to, the prime goal is always to improve life in the coming year. But contradictorily, just after their New Year bash of moon shooting resolutions, people just go on drinking the whole night & their very first day of New Year starts only after getting up in the afternoon with a terrible hangover.

We all want to transform our lives. We want to sprout up, accomplish something in life and that’s why it is a natural tendency that every individual hopes for a real New Year which will usher in a new light of unceasing, unending and uninterrupted happiness. The stark reality which we have to understand is that if we pour the same old wine in a new glass, it’s not going to change anything at all. If our thinking and consciousness doesn’t change and doesn’t progress towards a God-centric divine life, a real New Year is impossible!

For one who is a devotee of the Lord, every day is a New Year day because the Lord is ever youthful, ever new, ever fresh and the devotees ardently celebrate Him every day by melodiously singing His glories, joyfully dancing for His pleasure and delightfully honoring the remnants of food offered to Him.

On the contrary, the materialistic people unaware of this real New Year need to drink this poison the whole night to forget all their previous year’s frustrations, misgivings, wrongdoings and just after a few moments of illusory celebrations, their whole year continues in the same way as the previous one with full of anxieties and restlessness. However, the devotees of the Lord celebrate a real New Year very majestically every day by being fully intoxicated in the holy name of the Lord and making others also drink this pure nectar.

If we sincerely want a real New Year, we should just resolve to revive our pure and unadulterated Krishna consciousness lying dormant within our heart and that transcendental awakening will give us an ever new and ever fresh spiritual experience every day in the association of the almighty Lord Sri Krishna.

Wish you a Very Happy Krishna Conscious New Year!